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the antithesis of everything absolute

July 6 ~ s-81, at least your fuck ups come with a favorable tax for Me. Keep it up dumbfuck. Either you'll learn, or I'll have a fatter bank account. I'm betting on the latter.

June ~ A new flip camera. Thanks s81. Maybe I'll make video with it just to tease you!

June 9 ~ I had been waiting for chocolate from some stupid slave who said he would send some and didn't. Knowing how disappointed I was, Eric got Me TWO pounds of Marzipan! So sweet!

June 9 ~ $1,000 cash. Petey, what have we learned? you hard work hard so that Master can live a lavish life, right? It feels good doesn't it? The next time you're wanking it, I want you to meditate about how this is your life's truest purpose.

June 4 ~ Oro Gold Eye Serum. So sweet of you Sissy La-La! Although you'll never get to be a girl, it's always touching when you think of My beauty needs as you shop for yours.

June 1 ~ yet MORE cash in the mail box! I might go get some sexy shoes with these. This was s-81's back payment. That obtuse male can never stay focused.

May 30th ~ s81 mailed cash. That always puts a smile on My face!

May 30th ~ Very sexy nylons from Panty Waste Loser. Love them! Maybe you'll get a

picture of me in them.

May 20th ~ I didn't take a picture of it, but Little Inny-Dick sent Me flowers and a pound of Marzipan! My favorite kind of chodolate!

A FUCKING HYOSUNG! How sexy is THAT?! Thanks s-81! Damn, I LOVE that thing!

October - Four pairs of panties from Little Inny-Dick.

I told him to choose some that he thought My new lover would enjoy sliding off of My hips.

October - Condado de Haza wine from sean. A little gift for My lover and I. Such a good little cuck, Little Inny-Dick! Hmm.... we did enjoy it.

Giuseppe Zanotti - Oh My GAWD they are sexy! AND $850 shoes ALWAYS make Me giggle with delight! Yay s-81

Paddle... poor little fucker didn't even get to try it!

Sexy pinstriped dress from Wanna-Be-Magnum. (those beautiful red Agent Provocateur shoes were also a gift from some slave whose name I can't remeber.)

Chocolates from kipper :)

Roses, chocolate AND cash! Nice combo from s-81.

It's always lovely when boys send Me stacks of cash! What a fantastic way to prove you're My slave. Let's be realistic. That's the closest thing to true slavery. you work hard, give Me the rewards for My happiness, and have nothing to say about how I spend it! Thank you littlepeter! That one made Me smile!

Giant Ball Gag!

Ankle cuffs!

Thigh cuffs! So much spreadable fun!


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