st. devi

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the antithesis of everything absolute

A twist of your fate My laser sharp tongue is dripping with nectar

follows a twist in my smile the sweet sticky sap

I delight slips past my teeth

as I see it it’s seasoning this moment

echoed you shiver as the honey of my words turn into an arachnid

by a twist looking on horrified

of hunger you watch

and pain convulsing

in your eyes. helpless to create the desire

My pleasure to save yourself

a poetic torment of your weakness I’m so close.

With eyes locked, you are both comforted

My soul grinds her teeth and terrified

as we dream by my proximity

the same I’m examining you

terrifying watching you shake and whimper

irresistable I begin giggling

moment as it crawls into your ears

the perfect answer

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